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Vehicle customers expect a high level of refinement; this, coupled with other trends, such as lightweighting, smaller higher powered engines, electric/hybrid installations, and a competitive drive to reduce lead times, presents many challenges for NVH Engineers. CAE is widely recognised as an essential part of the NVH design process, however, methods and procedures must be continually reviewed and developed if design and business challenges are to be met.

Our consulting team's approach to NVH performance improvement places simulation technologies at its core. From test correlation and load case development through to design optimization techniques and advanced diagnostic studies, our specialist team shortens lead times and improves prediction capability for clients around the world.

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NVH Consulting

Full Vehicle NVH Analysis

Altair's turn-key NVH solution provides a complete environment for full-vehicle analysis modeling and analysis needs.

The NVH Director employs the HyperWorks suite of computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools in a fully integrated, user-friendly, customizable form to automate the tasks involved in NVH analysis. By integrating the entire process of meshing, assembly, loadcase setup, and post-processing, it dramatically reduces the full-vehicle NVH simulation time, freeing CAE engineers to focus on optimizing product design and performance.

OptiStruct - Altair’s structural solver for linear and nonlinear analysis - provides unique and advanced functionalities for NVH analysis and optimization, including Auto–TPA analysis, a large scale Eigen solver (AMSES), several model reduction techniques, design sensitivities and ERP response, which makes it easy to optimize structures for NVH performance.

The Altair solution makes full-vehicle NVH simulation possible in the most advanced and streamlined form. It includes a number of integrated components to help NVH users execute a typical full vehicle analysis process efficiently, and enhance their ability to drive product design and performance, while dramatically reducing the simulation cycle time.

Innovation Through Simulation

“With OptiStruct 14.0, it is now possible to run larger, full vehicle NVH models for more accuracy without the errors generated by our existing NVH solver on the same computer.”

SsangYong Motors

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Identifies risk areas for squeak and rattle from the earliest development phase (ex. styling surfaces) to correlation and test support.

Altair's Squeak and Rattle Director (SnRD) is a customized set of HyperWorks automations that rapidly identify and analyze design alternatives to eliminate the root cause of squeak and rattle (S&R) in assemblies. Tailored to be deeply integrated within your work environment and processes, SnRD offers a complete set of capabilities to streamline the entire S&R simulation workflow process from model creation to results visualization. 

Automates repetitive pre- and post-processing tasks and decreases the time to perform Squeak and Rattle analysis by as much as 80%

Integrates Ziegler’s PEM database and uses stick-slip test measurements to correlate with simulation results.

Predict & Eliminate Squeak & Rattle Phenomena

Minimizing Interior Noise

"The Squeak & Rattle Director allows us to input different data, like design and manufacturing tolerances, in order to improve the output of our analysis and therefore have more valuable inputs to the project."

Marcelo Starling Braga, NVH Coordinator, FIAT Brazil

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